↫ This is me

Hello again, my name is Alex McMillan. I'm currently a student in my mid 20s, studying Games Development at Queens' University Belfast. I spend my time designing games (video or otherwise), writing quizzes, constructing puzzles, and various other little side-projects.

I design games like this ↬

I currently design mobile games with Shallow Sky Studios. Our first title, Wordloaf, is currently available on the Google Play store. I'm also currently working on a smörgåsbord of other game ideas, including a competitive animal creation party game called "Horse By Committee"

↫ I host quizzes like this one

I founded the Queens' Quiz Society in late 2015 and have been writing and hosting quizzes ever since. My pride and joy, Telequizion, is a (usually) monthly affair, consisting of 6 rounds, each inspired by a different gameshow. I've also written quiz questions for other societies, as well as for social media.

I go on gameshows sometimes

I love quiz shows, as is probably evident. I started applying for gameshows the moment I turned 18 and haven't looked back. Below you can see the several shows I've been fortunate enough to be a part of.
(Current winnings: £0)

I do other stuff too

I get up to all sorts of things, some of my other creative distractions can be seen below.

Nice pictures I took

I think they're pretty, but that's not necessarily due to skill on my part.

Stupid jokes I made

Some of my attempts at humour.

Games I Recommend

Fun facts

Films I like

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Best theme park rides

  • Expedition Everest - Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • Space Mountain - Disney's Magic Kingdom
  • The Mummy - Universal Studios Florida
  • Aerosmith Rock n' Rollercoaster - Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • Dragon Challenge - Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Test Track - EPCOT
  • Tower of Terror - Disney's Hollywood Studios

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